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Australia My Land Souvenirs and Merchandise

Australia My Land is an independent, unique and exciting business initiative to promote this huge 'land down under' both to locals and our millions of welcome tourists.

It has a designed concept of promoting the businesses in Australia in a way never done before with the ability for any person to create a small business for themselves while promoting Australia and other Australian Businesses.

Not only has it developed a distinctive line of products in the form of show 'kitbags' that promote the businesses but AML now can provide those businesses with the Australian Made Souvenirs to promote themselves!

We will not only give small businesses the tools to promote but we will even help promote them by distributing the merchandise for them.

Get Involved

Whether or not YOU are an Australian business you can get involved with this unique world-wide business initiative by REGISTERING FREE TODAY.

When you register you receive a FREE Profile website to use as you wish [there are some restrictions to content] whether it be for business, social, personal or to start your own AML-AM Online Business.

Start with a FREE AML-AM Profile Web Page and Australia My Land Souvenirs!

Souvenirs and Merchandise for Corporate Promotions

Australia My Land Associate Marketplace is about helping Australian businesses get promotion.

Not only do we provide the opportunity for these businesses to place their 'brand' in front of the marketplace we will help them establish a merchandising campaign to do so.

Many small businesses who cannot afford a Marketing department could do with a little help in their promotions and that is what we are here for!

AND we will NOT charge a fortune to do it - in most cases we will do it as part of an advertising package to provide some 'grunt' to the campaign.

CONTACT US BY OUR ONLINE FORM to request a trained marketing manager to help you understand what is involved and what you can do for the budget YOU are able to set for your business,

Here are some sample promotion merchandise that you might think of using for your business.

We can arrange to whole production of materials, including flyers and other printed matter, and include some ideas as to where you can use them.

See some suggested affordable promotional merchandise that may look special with your brand name on them - SEE CORPORATE PAGE

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