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About Australia My Land Pty Ltd

Our goal at Australia My Land is to promote the country of Australia and encourage the touring of this large continent with so much to offer.

Helping Australian Businesses

We are here to assist our Business Associates to build a successful business, whether that be an established wholesale or retail business. Our goal is to help them promote their 'brand' and thus build their customer base and to market to that customer base more expansively.

With the advent of the internet more businesses are seeing the potential while others simply do not find the time needed to learn 'how to do it' and how to succesfully market their products and services to a wider audience.

The team at Australia My Land Pty Ltd has over 120 years combined experience in sales and marketing, as well as running their own businesses, and have been marketing on the internet for between 10 to 18 years each.

Providing Aussie Businesses a REAL Internet Platform to Promote On!

The Australia My Land Associate Marketplace is the result of a combined effort to evaluate the modern market and with the varied experience in retail, wholesale and multi-level marketing the AML-AM Business Initiative is a non-intrusive affiliation where Associates join in for their own advantages.

That be the promotion of their own business or to initiate a new business within AML-AM to receive the commissions and bonuses available from the sale of retail product and business support packages.

The additional option to sell souvenirs and business promotion merchandise is a further benefit of being an AML-AM Associate.

Associates can be Individuals, Businesses, Groups or Clubs, and the great part about our Initiative is - anyone can be a part of it and you can live anywhere in the world.

Meet the Management and Marketing Team

Rob Wilson Aboutime Web Communication

Robert Wilson

Robert J Wilson (director and CEO) has been involved in marketing for nearly forty years, running among others, a successful direct sales Manchester and Linen business, training and motivating part and full time sales staff in door to door selling. He has opened, set up and successfully run a number of retail stores. He has had time in the real estate sales industry and developed his own telecommunications company, marketing everything from pocket pages to PABX telephone systems.

Lyle Stacpoole BA - LasTrade

Lyle Stacpoole

Lyle (owner/manager Stacpoole Music and Internet) has over 40 years experience in business management, sales and training, computer programs and databases, website development, and even has experience in the recording studio which prompted his venture into the internet.

Lyle qualified for his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2007 at The University of New England with 'majors' in Music and in Communications Studies.

Having already achieved qualifications in the building industry as a sole trader running his own business, Lyle is also qualified to help new businesses to set up their own business. His experience in various business ventures, including the banking industry, and qualifications in Training and Business Management means he can help new entrepeneurs put in place a business plan, including an online marketing plan, sales material, book-keeping procedures as well as publishing and editing.

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