Australia My Land Souvenirs

Australia My Land Souvenirs
Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy souvenirs and merchandise at wholesale rates?

Yes you can however there are minimum order quantities that vary with each product.

Can you guys run my merchandise promotions campaighn for me?

We certainly can! We have major experience in marketing campaigns and having support merchandise is a primary tool to help a sales effort be a success. All we need is a budget, some product descriptions and content as well as some quality photos to get started.

Do I ever have to PAY anything with AML-AM?

NO YOU DON'T! You can remain a FREE Associate of AML-AM as long as you want, indefinitely! AND, you can still make a little money doing it.

Nevertheless, for as little as AUD$70 [AUD$140 per annum] you can upgrade to a Key Associate and DOUBLE your potential income. Moreover with a minimum purchase of AUD$297 [plus AUD$140 per annum] DOUBLE it again as a Corporate Associate. Moreover as a Corporate Associate you ALSO go into the BONZA ($1000) BONUS REWARDS CIRCUIT and have the opportunity to cycle over and over.

Do I ever have to SELL anything with AML-AM?

NO YOU DON'T! You can remain a FREE Associate and simply enjoy receiving our newsletters and participating in the on-line Associates Forum. There is also the indispensable Resources Library that ALL Associates of AML-AM can use and where they can learn more about computers, online marketing and lots of other things about technology.


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